John Prince Park, Lake Worth, Fl.

John Prince Park in Lake Worth, Palm Beach County, FL.
If you don’t like Old Florida camping with dirt sites and undisturbed nature or would prefer more creature comforts, then give John Prince Park a try. This is not outback woods camping. With paved sites, 5 playgrounds, all the amenities of “glamping” and even a fitness center & doggy exercise path, JPP is suburban camping. With views of Lake Worth, and the subdivisions that surround it, this is the equivalent of camping on Lake Conway in Orlando. This was a little funny to us because we a) are used to camping in woods and b) live right by lakes and have never seen a campsite set up on one side of it. But we made the most of it! The park is HUGE and well used by the surrounding community and the campground was pretty full so we weren’t alone.

Pros: The campground and park are well lit, very clean, has great water access for boating and fishing, different playgrounds, bike paths and even an outdoor fitness center. My kids LOVED the outdoor fitness center- we went everyday we were there!  The fishing locations were numerous, with both fishing docks, piers and just easy off road access.   We did not get to all of them, there are so many, but I also liked how well lit the park was, enabling us to do some night fishing.

Cons: Large iguanas; not very private sites b/c they have all been cleared out and paved.  As stated above, we are used to camping in Florida woods, with thick bushes and trees separating each site- this park is not like that.  This may not be a negative to some, but if you crave solitude and privacy while camping, then this park is not a good option for you.  Despite the park being immaculately clean, the restrooms need some updating.

Insider tips: There is no sea wall, therefore if you wish to bring a boat and pull it up to your site, you are pulling it up through bushes, weeds & growth. There is a boat ramp in the park (close to camping) but there is an $8 charge per night to keep boat on trailer in lot.

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