For the Camping Enthusiast: Tomoka State Park

Tomoka State Park located in Ormond Beach, Volusia County is a must! We have camped here twice and although we got rained out, we still had a great time. The Tomoka and Halifax intersect at this park, providing over 12 miles of shoreline.  There is plenty of water activities at this park and we personally want to go back again.

Our experience with the park was that it was a positive, family-friendly place with plenty of outdoor activities including bird-watching, biking, boating, geocaching and hiking. The trails are cleaned out and maintained well; and there were paved path ways as well, great for little kids to ride their bikes on. The campsites were clean and well kept and the bird watching was awesome! We saw Peregrine falcons, egrets, herons, and white ibis. My kids have gotten so good at distinguishing these native Florida birds it brings me such pride. 🙂
Although we didn’t personally get to fish (due to inclement weather) we know that spotted trout and red fish are regularly caught off the Tomoka River. There is a boat ramp to launch kayaks and canoes, as well as access the Intracostal water way for saltwater fishing. This is our biggest reason for wanting to go back- my son didn’t get to fish on either trip.
The history of the park I found really interesting too. The Timucuan Indians occupied the area when Spanish explorers stumbled upon them. Shell middens can still be found from the 1700’s! After British occupation however, the land that was given back to the Native Americans and the land officially became a park in 1945. The park is filled with history including the chief Tomokie statue and indigo plants that still grow there from when the natives used the land for indigo and rice. My kids really enjoyed the live oak canopy that provided lots of shade (and helped temper the rain) as well as the Fred Dana Marsh Museum that offered crafts and a short historical lesson.

Pros: Very clean restrooms/showers with laundry facilities and a large washbasin to clean your larger pots in.

Cons: I have no negative comments about the park itself. Just a bit of advice, I wouldn’t recommend going in the summer when the bugs are at their worst and the rain is likely, especially being right at the intersection of two waterways.

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