Gamble Rogers – Back to basics State Park

There are no perfect trips, but every trip is an adventure.

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreational Area, located in Flagler Beach, is a no frills, quiet, basic State Park located in a natural preserved environment. Being “basic” is not a bad thing; there’s beauty in getting back to basics because then you create your own entertainment. And in the age of instant gratification, and constant consumable entertainment, it’s nice to get back to basics.
If you love the water, you will love Gamble Rogers. With pristine, shell covered beaches and access to the inter coastal waterway, for fishing, kayaking or boating, there’s plenty to do for water lovers while camping or visiting for the day. If you love fishing, kayaking, kayak fishing or even surfing, then this is paradise. But if you prefer your camp sites to provide you with entertainment like pools, playgrounds, and group activities, then keep on going.

What Back to basics really means:
•There are picnic tables available, but no pavilions, thus no shade.
•The campsites are small and not shaded but still well maintained.
•There is the beach of course, but no lifeguard on site.
•While pets are allowed in the park and the campground, they are not allowed on the beach.
•There are hiking trails but not very shaded and although you can bike throughout the park, there are no designated bike paths.
•The boat launch on the river side of the park is accessible to small boats but has a minimal number of kayaks and canoes available for rental.
•Saltwater fishing licenses are required and strictly enforced.
•Fee to get into the park is $5 per day, per car.
•Firewood was available for $5 per bundle

Pros: The campsites are clean, and provide direct access to the beach or riverside. You can’t get any closer than theses sites. All facilities were well- kept, clean, and friendly park staff. Also, the park is 15 minutes from a grocery store.

Cons: The campsites have NO shade whatsoever and on the beach side, no wind breaks. The wind did keep the bugs down but it was a bigger danger for blowing over tents.

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